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Why do I love encaustic painting?

So, the question I get asked most is, “Why are you an encaustic painter?”

Well simply put why wouldn’t I? You can do anything with it, there are virtually no limitations except the ones you put on yourself.

I first saw an encaustic painting a few years ago shortly after my move from Ohio to North Carolina. I was instantly drawn into the texture and surreal glow of the wax. Having a printmaking and photography background my first thoughts were "What a wonderful way to breath new life into my photography" and "What strong, bold lines you can carve into the wax". After talking to a local encaustic artist who was kind enough to answer all my questions, I have to say I was hooked!

I gathered all the basic supplies and started my own small encaustic studio. I started small, working with my photographs, learning how to get a nice even and smooth surface. I focused on getting a perfect transfer of the photo onto the wax and then bringing a bold line to the art work. Every painting is an adventure along with the challenge of the natural materials (e.g. bees wax and the resin that make up encaustic) and the heat of my blow torch. The biggest element to adjust to when using encaustic is that it must stay hot to work with it. I have learned over time to skillfully use my blow torch to create such things as: dream-like backgrounds, to rushing waves on the beach. I'm constantly getting better at lightly kissing the wax with just enough heat to fuse thin layers of wax with paper, feathers and so much more that can be embedded into the painting.

My intention with this blog is that the reader can learn more about encaustic and fall in love with this wonderful media just like I did. Please come back to my blog to see all the fun challenges I throw at myself while painting with a blow torch! Or browse the paintings on my site to see what I've already accomplished.

Published on Tuesday, February 26, 2019