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The teacher becomes the student

As a teacher I never want to lose sight of what it feels like to be a beginner.

I have wanted to learn how to bind books for quite some time. I love papers and thread. Then I can add some encaustic wax, what could be better! So I did what everyone does when they desire to learn something new. I drug a few of my friends with me to take a art class, or book binding class in my case.

Learning something completely new and that you have no reference point for can be scary and overwhelming. I was very lucky to have a wonderful teacher. Kathy Steinsberger at Blam Studios in Raleigh was very patient, generous with her supplies and very knowledgeable. In her class I learned about the history of book binding, different papers you can use, tools and tricks of the trade, and an in-depth knowledge of the Coptic binding technique. I found her class and book binding to be so much fun, I'm looking forward to learning about other kinds of bindings. So don't be surprised if you start seeing encaustic journals on my site soon.

So how will you be challenging yourself this year, and what new things are you learning? Feel free to let me know.

Published on Sunday, February 9, 2020