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Kickstarter not just for board games

So full disclosure I only knew about Kickstarter because my husband loves to back boardgames on it. I never gave it much thought until my friend was talking about a local artist that used Kickstarter to fund her latest art project and my friend backed her campaign. Well that piqued my interest beacuse of COVID-19 I've been looking for ways outside the box to meet new potential clients. Looking at Kickstarter in that new light I decided to try my hand at a creating my own campaign.

Here is what I loved about Kickstarter. I loved how little risk there was in creating a campaign. If my campaign did not get funded up to the goal I set, I was only out the time I put into the project setup. I really enjoyed the feedback from Kickstarter that I received along the way. I was kept informed when patrons backed my project, when patrons had questions, and overall, where my backers where coming from. Setup for a Kickstarter is easy as well. If I had to pick the most important thing to do when setting up your Kickstarter campaign it would be having clear goals, and a good video of your project.

I had an incredibly positive experience with Kickstarter as a whole and was extremely excited to have my first project funded. Thank you to everyone that backed my project. With little risk and the chance to try out new ideas in a creative space, I will most definitely use Kickstarter again. So if you are looking for a new or different way to launch your next art project, why not use Kickstarter to jump start your project?

If you missed my campaign, I have a few extra paintings left over my campaign on my shop

Published on Sunday, September 20, 2020