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A few of my favorite Art Supplies

Everyone has their favorite art supplies, that one thing they can not live without. If you are new to encaustic painting I thought it might be helpful if I shared a few of my favorite art supplies with you.

First off, my absolute favorite brand of encaustic paint is Enkaustikos. They have the best translucent colors and since I love to paint the ocean and beachscapes, I use their paints extensively. Second, I love to use R&F paint sticks. These are oil paints that come in a stick form and they have less oil then regular oil paints. These lush paints have the texture of lipstick which makes them perfect for filling in lines that I have carved into the wax or adding detail work to my paintings. Speaking of carving tools my go is Kemper carving tools. I use these tools to make fine lines in the wax. I also use them to carve back layers to reveal what’s under the many layers of wax in my paintings. Lastly, I'll use the carving tools to help me achieve a smooth finish. My last recommendation is India ink, which I use in almost all my paintings. I love the dark black lines I get with the India ink. In abstract work you can thin down the ink and have it drip down the painting to make beautiful abstract lines and drips. These are just a few of my favorite art supplies. Feel free to let me know what your favorite art supplies are.

Published on Tuesday, July 9, 2019